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Sustain Our Vision





Sustain Our Vision


Above Photo by Darial Sneed

Join Us in Supporting the Work
of Third Rail


Celebrating 18 Years of Innovative Work
by Third Rail Projects with a Special 30K Match Gift Challenge!

Dear Third Rail Projects Friends & Family,

As devoted supporters of Third Rail, It is amazing to look back at the company’s 18-year history and marvel at all the work that has been created in that time.

From its modest beginnings as a self-produced dance company to its evolution into an established collective of award-winning artists and leaders of experiential theater, Third Rail has grown exponentially with the support of individual donors.

During the company’s pivotal 10th Anniversary year in 2010, a group of generous donors created a match gift challenge that enabled the creation of the immersive theater hit Then She Fell, which continues now into its sixth year of sold-out performances. This support helped the company become the organization that it is today.

Now, a group of us are reaching out with another match challenge to lay the groundwork for the next chapter of Third Rail’s development and growth. This challenge will support new project ideation and creative incubation as the company looks towards its 20th Anniversary Season in 2020.

The diverse work of Third Rail Projects, including its award-winning site-specific and experiential theater projects, education programs, and the Global Performance Studio, demonstrates a commitment to cultural listening both at home and abroad. The company has garnered a vast community of local, national and international audiences and collaborators. Since Then She Fell launched in 2012, Third Rail has supported more than 250 professional artists, worked with over 700 students, and presented 25 major works in seven countries!

In celebration of the company’s ongoing commitment to bringing sophisticated art into the public sphere, and to lay the foundation for the creative years ahead, we are proud to match any gift amount donated to Third Rail by June 30, dollar-for-dollar, up to $30,000.

We want to ensure that Third Rail Projects will continue to bring us beautiful and inspiring works in the years to come, and we challenge you to help us meet this fundraising goal by making your tax-deductible contribution in conjunction with this special opportunity.
We hope that you will join us.


Our Warmest Regards, 
Judy and Steven Gluckstern, Kyle Fisher, Stephanie & Ron Kramer
Co-Chairs for the 18th Season Campaign for Third Rail Projects


*With a donation of $250 or more you will become part of our Producers Circle for one year, beginning on August 1, 2018 through July 31, 2019. Those who have donated over $250 since August 1, 2017 will have their benefits extended through July 31, 2019. Supporters in the Producers Circle enjoy exclusive access to private in-process showings, performance previews, and VIP invitations to special events.

Remember, if your company has a matching gift program, you may be able to increase the value of your donation on your end as well, thus tripling its impact. Ask your employer about matching gifts.

Third Rail Projects is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of Third Rail Projects must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

To send a check by mail, please make check payable to Third Rail’s fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas and please note in the memo line “for Third Rail Projects” By mail, send donations to: Attn: Tom Pearson, Third Rail Projects, 697 Grand Street PMB 126, Brooklyn, NY 11211.

Join the Producers Circle

Your involvement directly supports the development of new work.


Join the Producers Circle

Your involvement directly supports the development of new work.

Above Photo by Joshua Dutton-Reaver


With a donation of $250 or more you will enjoy exclusive access to private in-process showings, performance previews and VIP invitations to special events.

*Please note: New supporters in the Producers Circle will receive benefits July 2018 - June 2019. 

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Above Photo by Joshua Dutton-Reaver

Special Thanks

We’d like to thank to our donors who have supported this year’s work, including our Producers Circle members. Individual donations help make the development of Third Rail Projects’ new works possible, and all donations go directly to paying artists.

as of May 6th, 2018

Visionaries ($10,000+)

Christy Burke*
Bill Caleo*
Judy and Steven Gluckstern and The Lucky Star Foundation*
Virginia and Timothy Millhiser*
Zach Stern*
Peter Trevisani*

Benefactors ($5,000 - $9,999)

Kyle Fisher*
McGue Millhiser Family Trust
Pia and Jimmy Zankel*

Patrons ($1,000 - $4,999)

Christina Basch*
Bruce and Marilyn Behringer
Ron Black*
Robert Bowersox
John N. and Irene R. Bush
Aron Estaver*
Lawton Fitt and James McLaren*
Dr. Peter C. Friedman*
Carla Geisser*
Matthew Gratz*
Denise Hill*
Theresa Holstein
Stephanie and Ron Kramer*
Adam Landry*
Patty Laxton*
Amy L. Louie
Tony Mansour*
Chris Michaud*
Ruth and Dan Millman and Millman Design Group
Evelyn Morris and Bud and Lindy Stahlman

Maggie and Ken Morris*
Amy Nieporent
Mary Ellen Obias*
Jennifer Pontius*
Brette Popper and Paul Spraos*
Carolyn and Dale Rhodes
(in Memory of Bunny Rhodes and Ruby Klippstein)
Tim and Anna Schumacher*
Anne Rosen and Andre Spears
Michael J. Segal
Dr. Phillip Sohn*
Phillip Tiongson*
Kimberly and Mark Tsocanos*
Micki Wesson
Charles and Barbara Willett
Kerrin Willett
Julian Yap*
Edward Zareh*

Leaders ($500 - $999)

Thomas Palmer & Dominique Alfandre*
Stephen Berenson* 
Lisa and Joe Carena*
James Cavanaugh*
Mark Chin*
Mark Dobrow*
Nancy Smith and Robert W. Fichter
Michael First*
Lorenz and Janet Fish
Harvey Guion* 
Kathi and Ken Halbert / 
Kathi's Dance and Gym
Rick Hamilton*
Denise Hill*
Jennifer and Jane Joukema
Brett Kuehner
Leonard Lee*

Laura Leslie*
Giorgio Manes*
Valerie McLaughlin and Andy Lee
Laurie Nielsen and Tom Franks
Gail and Phillip Pincus
Charles Read*
Darcy and Russell Reaver*
Michael Reidy
Michael D. Rhea* 
Susan and Tom Rice*
Lynn and John Salmon*
Russell Schrader*
Diego Segallini and Daria Masullo* 
Martha Sherman* 
Lindsi Shine* 
Monique Stichaw
Tricia Martin Young

Sustainers ($250 - $499)

Alice Ausim
Mark Baltazar*
Beth Biegler*
Claire Boren
Toni Bowersox
John Callery*
Traci and Joe Carena
Jae Day*
Kelly DeAngelis*
Alice Doo*
Ellen Elkins*
Daniel Gomez*
Eric Gray*
David Held*
Uday Jhunjhunwala*
Mihir Kedia
Lisa LaMattina*
Kristin Larkin and Peter Glicklich
Estee Lauder*
Philip Lee*
Cindy Limauro and Chris Popowich
Karyn Margolis*
Aaron Mason
Heather Molinaro*
Samantha Mueller*
Tina Nacrelli

Robert O'Con*
Laureen Ojalvo and PJ Maglione*
Maria Pacana*
Robyn Pring
GianPaolo Procopio*
Sheila Raughter*
Peter Reich
Marta Renzi*
Nick Rheinwald-Jones*
Julia Ritter*
Barry Russell*
Brad Seiler*
Susan Seo
Jill Slater*
Bill Stasiulatis*
Marge and Ronald Statile
Joshua Sternfeld*
Robert Stevens*
James Stuart*
Fred Studier*
Sue and Tom Thaney
Dan and Amilee Watkins*
Meredith Willis*
Tommy Young*
Kathryn Yu*
Jiefei Yuan*

Supporters ($100 - $249)

Erik Allen
Maureen Auer
Arthur Aviles
Nolini and Ashley Barretto
Joan and Mitch Berman
Dr. Todd Bertman, Advanced Dental Arts
Todd Bevan
Meriko Borogrove
George Butler
Kevin Cafferty
Alexis Carena and Chris Boron
Paul and Juan Carlos Cary-Fernandez
Betty Chen
Sonia and Charles Cronmiller
David Feiner
Sharon Frost
Abraham Rami Gal

Rebecca Goldring
Svetlana Gous
Christine Jowers
Jeffrey Matchen
Dr. Steven McMahon, McMahon Chiropractic LLC
David Olson
John Parkyn
Paul Philbrik
Leslie Pincus
Aimee Plauche
Janice and John Purcell
Sally Reidy
Adam Scherer
Elaine and Harold Shames
Mayuna Shimizu
Sally Sommer
Alison Suttles

Friends ($1–$99)

Salman Al-Rashid
Alison Applebaum
Nick Auer
Samuel Barthelme
Yuriy Bash
Celena Beck
Cameron Bell
Charles Bellavia
Christopher Bernhardt
Jeffrey Bigner
Byron Blount
Andressa Furletti Bomfim
Lauren Bonanno
Daniel Boyle
George Brazier
Jason Breland
Spencer Brody
James Brolly
Christiane Brown
Kharis Burns
Beth Byer
Carin Cahn
Nigel Cain
Claudia Carucci
Kimberly Coleman
Monika Connolly
Daniel Conroy
Calvin Cooper
Elizabeth Corcoran
Megan Cossey
Karen Cozzens
James Cropcho
Karl Custer
Avin Das
Kerry Dorf
Jason Dubnoff
Heidi Duckler
Eleanor Dunn
Nicholas Ellingsworth
Steven Eubank
Michael Faeder
Andrea Fernandes
Keith and Gayle Fitzgerald
Jack Flanagan
Twila Foster
Diana Fujii
Lauren Giugliano
Patricia Glover
Anthony Grisanti
Michelle Growden
Ashley Hasz
Shunsaku Hayashi
Jin Hirsch
Jamie Hollios
Stephanie Holmes
Brian Holmquest
James Horner
Haishan Huang
Rachel Lynn Jackson
Catherine Jackson
Timothy Johnston
Sierra Jorgensen
Margaret Kaiser
Amy Kaissar
Russell and Elisa Kaplan
Elizabeth Keaton
Megan Kelley
Christopher Kellner
Brendan Kelsay
Brendan Keresey
Brooke Kiener
Jessica King
Maureen Kline
Lukas Kroc
Jessica Krol
Hsin-Ting Kuo
Victoria LaManna
Catherine Lambert
Darya Larizadeh
Michelle Laurenzano
Currie Leggoe
Johanna Leister and Jim Broaddus
Andrea Lepcio
Tara Lockhart

Matthew Lord
Elizabeth Love
Rachel Lovett
Daniel Lucey
Ken Maldonado
Hazel Maldonado
Clayton Mannix
Anna Marcus
Jennifer and Robert Margolis
James Marion
Nikki Martinez
Adam Masser
Alex May
Patrick McEvoy
Ivan McMurtry
Debora and David Meltz
Norman Metcalfe
Emery Mikel
John Monahan
Brad Mortensen
Farah Murphy
Blake Myers
Mark Nash
Vickie Nidweski
Kate O'Byrne
Marie Obegi
Jamie Odazier
Kaoru Oka
Shannon Paige
Thea Palad
Kavita Patel
Catherine Peila
Crystal Peone
Cristina Pesqueira
Rose Pile
Jacqueline Popovic
Diana Poveda
Ben Pundole
Monica Rebreanu
Richard Recchia
Sara Reitzel
Carlos Reyes
Charles Rini
Alisa Robinson
Maria Cristina Rojas
Amy Rosenbaum
Geneieve Roth
Chen Rubin
Sara Rubin
Drew Sachs
Marcelo Sampio
Scott Satterlund
Kim T. Sharp
Jacqueline Siemann
Dominik Sigg
R Smith
Taylor Smith
Ingrid Sonnichsen
Voytek Sporek
John Stark
Elena TaJo
Aaron Tarnow
Michael Tartre
Stephen Thorpe
Chriselle Tidrick
Liz Tomazic
Cristen and Eric Underwood
Rebecca Urciuolo
Willam von Meister
Frank Walker
Patrick K. Walsh
Debra Walters
Kim Weild
Jamie Wenger
Stephanie Weyant
Jeremy Wlechel
Jennifer Willett
Catherine Willis
Reid Wittman
Cody Wymore
Arlena Yagecic
Mariko Yajima
Kristopher Zgorski
Jonathan Zucker


Institutional Supporters


Institutional Supporters

AS OF January 29th, 2018

Third Rail Projects has received support from the following Organizations, Foundations, Public Agencies, and Corporations:

92nd Street Y Harkness Dance Center
Abrons Arts Center
Actor’s Theatre of Louisville
Aedas Architects
Albany Park Theater Project
American Express Foundation
American Music Center
Artbat Fest
Art Prospekt Festival
ArtsWego | SUNY Oswego
Arts Brookfield
Arts@Renaissance & St. Nick's Alliance
Battery Park City Authority
Black Rock Arts Foundation and the Burning Man Festival
Boomerang Toys
Brooklyn Children's Museum
The Brooklyn Home Company
Capacity Building Foundation, Bishkek
Carnegie Mellon University
CEC Arts Link
Columbia Teachers College
Columbia University
Cooperative Arts & Humanities Magnet High School
Dance Film Lab
Dance Films Association
Dance New Amsterdam
Dance Theater Workshop
Danspace Project
Dean Foods
Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Epiphany Theatre Company
Epsilón Tequila
Fable Studio
Federal Aviation Administration
Florida State University
Fort Mason Center, San Francisco
Fort Ontario Historic Site
Fractured Atlas
Franklin Furnace
Future of Storytelling Festival
General Growth Properties, Inc.
Gibney Dance Studios
Godiva Chocolatier
The Goodman Theater
Gothic Renaissance
The Great Neck House
Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn
Halloween Adventure
Hewn Bros.
Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation
Hudson Opera House
Infinite Scenic
Irish Arts Center

Island Moving Company
Jerome Foundation
JPMorgan Chase
La MaMa, E.T.C.
Lagunitas Brewing Co.
LEVELS at the Great Neck Library
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
Lincoln Center Theater/LCT3
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
Lucky Star Foundation
The Majestic Hills, Los Angeles
The Macallan
Materials for the Arts
Merrill Lynch
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Mertz Gilmore Foundation
Museum of Russian Ethnography
Movement Research
National Museum of the American Indian
National YoungArts Foundation
New York City Council
New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
New York City Department of Sanitation
New York International Fringe Festival
New York State Council on the Arts
New York State DanceForce
New York University
Oculus Story Studio
Operation Unite/Kuumba Dance & Drum
PepsiCo, Inc.
The Present Company
Princeton University
[QuA2aD] Art Mill in Jeffersonville, NY provided by Daniel Castellanos & John Wenk
Queens Council on the Arts/ Live at the Gantries
Real Media, Inc.
River to River Festival
Scottish Rite Theater, Austin
The September 11th Fund
Silo | Kirkland Farm
South Street Seaport Association
Starbucks Corporation
St. John the Evangelist Church
The Steel Yard, Providence, RI
SWIRE East Properties, HK
Swarthmore College / The Swarthmore Project
Texas A&M University
Think Motive
Topaz Arts
Tree Star Inc.
The Trust for Governors Island
The Trust for Mutual Understanding
Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Entertainment
Winkle and Balktick
Ziferburg Café