Charles Osborne, Joshua Gonzales, Adrienne Paquin, Caroline Amos and Alex J. Gould (clockwise from left) in MIDSUMMER A BANQUET, Photo by Chad Batka.jpg
Charles Osborne, Joshua Gonzales, Adrienne Paquin, Caroline Amos and Alex J. Gould (clockwise from left) in MIDSUMMER A BANQUET, Photo by Chad Batka.jpg

Midsummer: A Banquet

July 16–September 7, 2019
New York, NY


Midsummer: A Banquet

July 16–September 7, 2019
New York, NY


Midsummer: A Banquet was a co-production of Third Rail Projects and Food of Love Productions, the producers of the Drama Desk nominated Shake and Bake: Love's Labour's Lost. Together the companies created a 360-degree environmental staging of Shakespeare's beloved comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This sumptuous theatrical experience featured an elegantly designed tasting menu housed in the former Union Square home and studio of celebrated abstract expressionist Willem de Kooning.


Photography by Chad Batka


Photography by Emilie Baltz


Midsummer: A Banquet
A Co-production by Food of Love and Third Rail Projects

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

Directed and Choreographed By
Zach Morris

Adapted by
Zach Morris and Victoria Rae Sook

Carolin Amos, Joshua Gonzales, Alex J. Gould, Charles Osborne, Adrienne Paquin, Victoria Rae Sook, Lauren F. Walker, Ryan Wuestewald

Cassie, Gilling, Brendan Sokler


Assistant Director/Choreographer: Julia Kelly
Producers: Amy Kaissar, Victoria Rae Sook, Alrone, LLC, Jana Shea and Richard Sichel
General Manager: Amy Kaissar
Production Manager: Brittany Crowell
Stage Manager: Jack Cummins

Visual and Experience Design: Zach Morris
Dramaturge: Victoria Rae Sook
Voice Coach: Julia Congress
Food Design: Emilie Baltz
Executive Chef: Jacob Rosette
Original Music and Sound Design: Sean Hagerty
Co Composer: Ben Magnuson
Set Design: Jason Simms
Technical Director: Carlton Ward
Lighting Design: Deborah Constantine
Master Electrician: Kathryn Wakeman
Costume Design: Tyler M. Holland
Props Master: Michaela Whiting

Chef de Cuisine: Kris Edelen
Culinary: Hitoshi Egusa, Jonathan Dross
Musicians : Sean Hagerty, Will Hanza, Ben Magnuson, Isaiah Singer
Assistant General Manager: Rachael Bechtel
Assistant Stage Manager: Melanie I. Aponte
Run Crew: Noah Anderson, Kelsey Buerger, Molly Conner, Peter Farr, Max Jabara, Michael Padgett, Tristan J. Shule
Assistant Technical Director: AJ Mattioli
Lighting Consultant: Dangerous Lady
Lighting Programmer: Jonathan Crowell
Production Master Electrician: Keithlyn Parkman
Assistant Costume Designer: Sammy Mainzer
Additional choreography workshopped by: Julia Kelly, Edward Rice
Front of House Managers: Michelle Mason, Tristan J. Shuler
Bar Run By: Rob Cano Events
Bartenders: Robert Guizpr, Deysi Leal, Anthony Otiti
Set Construction: Bristol Riverside Theatre

Legal Counsel: Jon Ripps
Accountant: Robert Fried/Withum
Press Representatives: Matt Ross, PR
Publicity Assistants: Liz Lombardi, Sarah Sgro, Claire Wojciechowski
Digital Marketing Team: Capacity Interactive, Laura Dauksewicz, Ally Duffey, Emmy Lustig, Jana Morimoto
Producing Intern: Maryl McNally

Pastries provided by Leopard and Pear, Brooklyn based catering and experiential dessert team. @leopard_and_pear

Special Thank You:
Arkema, Bristol Riverside Theatre, Laird Plastics, Gregory Beyer, Zach Murphy


Food of Love produces Shakespearean plays as full sensory experiences and grew out of the Drama Desk nominated 2018 Off Broadway hit Shake and Bake: Love's Labour's Lost. The idea of combining Shakespeare and food was born when founder Victoria Rae Sook, while dancing in a holiday parade, smelled fresh chocolate chip cookies and was transported to Christmas Eve. It was then that she realized performing arts could become a full sensory experience with the addition of culinary arts. The first draft of Shakin’ Up Shakespeare, a one act environmental production of scenes from the Bard done in vignettes, with pop music mirroring the scenes as transitions, and bites of candy served through dance, was written four days later. Six years later Love’s Labour's Lost opened, performed in an apartment, before transferring to a commercial Off Broadway run in 2018. The joy of found space, intimacy, theatrical magic, Shakespearean text, dance, and food has now been developed into Food of Love and we are delighted to partner with Third Rail Projects for this production. Together we shall "play on."