Midnight Madness

August 8 - 9, 2015
New York, NY


Midnight Madness

August 8 - 9, 2015
New York, NY


Third Rail Projects participated in Wall Street’s most elaborate charity event – Midnight Madness, an all night scavenger hunt that raised over 3.1 million dollars for Good Shepherd Services – by depicting the tragic story of Audrey Munson, the Beaux Arts movement’s most celebrated model. The echoes of her image carved into the monuments and architecture of sites throughout Manhattan became a key reference point in this city-wide mega puzzle, adding an interactive performance element for the first time ever in the the event’s history.  Sponsored by Goldman Sachs Gives, proceeds from the event support the construction of a state-of-the-art community center in East New York that will serve over 1,000 families with programs and services to strengthen this Brooklyn community.





Photography by Joshua Schwimmer and Travis Magee




Created by Third Rail Projects

Artistic Directors
Zach Morris, Tom Pearson, Jennine Willett

Written, Choreographed, and Directed by
Jennine Willett, with Zach Morris

Assistant Directors: Marissa Nielsen-Pincus and Edward Rice

Performers: Rachel Berman, Carly Berrett-Plagianakos, Lia Bonfilio, Elisabeth Carena, Elisa Davis, Alberto Denis, Brendan Duggan, Jacob Ely, Kim Fischer, Brighid Greene, Ashley Handel, Julia Kelly, Roxanne Kidd, Madison Krekel, Jeff Lyon, Mary Madsen, Rebekah Morin, Lauren Muraski, Marissa Nielsen-Pincus, Jenna Purcell, Tara O’Con, Joshua Reaver, Edward Rice, Elise Ritzel, Ashley Robicheaux, Jessy Smith, Tori Sparks, Jeff Sykes, Niko Tsocanos

Threshold Guardians: Carly Berrett- Plagianakos, Brendan Duggan, Jacob Ely, Roxanne Kidd, Jeff Lyon, Lauren Muraski, Joshua Reaver, Ashley Robicheaux, Jessy Smith, Jeff Sykes, Simon Thomas-Train, Niko Tsocanos


Costumes: Karen Young
Composer & Sound Design: Sean Hagerty
Associate Sound Design: Isaiah Singer
Lighting Design: Rachel Chatham
Set Design: James Fenton
Assistant Set Design: Anna Grigo

Production Manager: Brittany Crowell
Stage Managers: NJ Agwuna, Stephanie Armitage, TJ Burleson Kristina Vnook
Production Assistants: Bridget Balodis, Cameron Michael Burns, Emme Grafton, Taylor Hollister, Ed Zareh
Costume Assistant: Audrey Ketchell
Set Crew: Jon Huggins, Sara Morgan, Marek Pavlovski
Driver: Jae Day, Jordan Schulze

Violin: Sean Hagerty
Cello: Eric Perreault
Saxophone: Anthony Cekay
Piano: Greg Paradis
Drums: Ian Cummings


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