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Medicine Show

August 25–September 3, 2018
Burning Man Arts Festival


Medicine Show

August 25–September 3, 2018
Burning Man Arts Festival


Housed in and around a converted step-truck, Medicine Show was one part offering to the general public where snake-oil salesmen regale the crowd and offer up experiential prescriptions for willing participants from a make-shift stage alongside a converted step-truck; and one-part intimate storytelling experience designed for only one audience member at a time, which takes place in an old-timey apothecary shop hidden inside the truck.




Created by Third Rail Projects

Artistic Directors
Zach Morris, Tom Pearson, Jennine Willett

Designed, Written, and Directed by
Zach Morris

Created in Collaboration with 
Elizabeth Carena, Rachel Hardin, Edward Rice

Elizabeth Carena, Zach Morris, Edward Rice


Production Manager: Brittany Crowell
Producer: Elizabeth Carena
Dramaturgy: Tom Pearson

Sound Design: Sean Hagerty
Original Music: Rachel Hardin and Sean Hagerty
Costume Coordinator: TJ Burleson
Asst. Scenic Design: Dan Daly
Fabrication: Third Rail Projects, Carlton Ward, All-A-Cart
Truckers: Brittany Crowell, Brian Johnston, Zach Morris, Edward Rice, Niko Tsocanos
Crew: Nick Auer, Michaela Whiting, Ange Lopilato
MVP: Greg Beyer

Project Support

Medicine Show was made possible by generous donations by Bill Caleo and Zach Stern.

Special Thanks to the Artery at the Burning Man Arts Festival.