Looking Glass

June–August, 2011
Los Angeles | New York


Looking Glass

June–August, 2011
Los Angeles | New York


Arts Brookfield presented Looking Glass as a site-specific, sophisticated, bold and visually stunning reimagining of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Created by New York City’s Bessie Award-winning performance company Third Rail Projects, Looking Glass was a site-specific dance performance event that inhabited the gardens, plazas, and public areas of Bank of America Plaza in downtown Los Angeles from June 23rd – 25th, 2011. Programmed on a 30-minute loop for a two-hour period, audiences could come and go to the free performance, explore the gardens, watch short sections, or picnic and watch as a visually mesmerizing and lushly choreographed experience unfolded all around them.

Subsequently, Third Rail Projects’ Looking Glass re-imagined Lewis Carroll’s works as a site-adaptive, immersive performance experience at three sites in New York, from July 12th – 14th (One New York Plaza, Zuccotti Park, and World Financial Center).





Photography by Adam Jason Photography, Wendy Le, and Darial Sneed




Created by Third Rail Projects

Artistic Directors
Zach Morris, Tom Pearson, Jennine Willett

Created in Collaboration with and Performed by
Elizabeth Carena, Marissa Nielsen-Pincus, Tara O’Con, Tom Pearson, Tori Sparks, and Jennine Willett

Production Staff

Composer: Meiko’s Starlight Orchestra
Costume Design: Karen Young
Table Construction: Jedidia Dyer


Looking Glass was presented by Arts Brookfield as part of its 2011 summer program, premiering in Los Angeles at Bank of America Plaza, and in New York City at One New York Plaza, Zuccotti Park and World Financial Center as part of Arts Brookfield’s Extraordinary Moves dance festival produced for the 2011 River To River Festival.

Third Rail Projects’ performances of Looking Glass were also made possible, in part, by Materials for the Arts, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, the Department of Sanitation, The Lucky Star Foundation and with support from Third Rail Projects’ individual and institutional donors.

Past Performances

One New York Plaza, Zuccotti Park,
and the World Financial Center
New York, NY
July 12th – 14th, 2011

Bank of America Plaza
Los Angeles, CA
June 23rd – 25th, 2011