As Time Goes By

March 2016
St. Petersburg, Russia


As Time Goes By

March 2016
St. Petersburg, Russia

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St. Petersburg, Russia – March 2016

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Third Rail Projects, with CEC Artslink, presented the first official project of the Global Performance Studio, March 6-30, 2016 in St. Petersburg, Russia with workshops, discussions, and performances in site-specific & immersive theater.

The residency in St. Petersburg was provided by Arts Link Back Apartment Residencies for artists and curators.

The project was led by Third Rail Projects Co-Artistic Director Tom Pearson and company member Joshua Reaver (New York), with Project Coordinator Yulia Bylenok (St. Petersburg), collaborator Renata Zhigulina (Russia & U.S.), and Local artists in St. Petersburg.

As Time Goes By was the inaugural project for the Global Performance Studio. Building upon previous models developed by Third Rail Projects and through recent engagements with CEC Artslink, the Global Performance Studio is a program that creates opportunities for cultural listening and sharing. For one-month, U.S. and Russian-based artists met in St. Petersburg to share methodologies and practices for devising movement-based theater within site-specific and immersive formats. 

The collaborators created a new work for the Ziferburg (a time cafe), and offered audiences an invitation into experiential encounters with performers and situations that unfolded throughout the staircases, rooms and hallways. As action occurred throughout the space, a fragmented narrative emerged through repetition, duration and simultaneity, about our relationship to passing time and what it costs us. Audiences paid by the minute, and was asked to make their own choices about how much time to spend, and where and how to spend it.  




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Tom Pearson (USA), Joshua Reaver (USA), Renata Zhigulina (Russia/USA), Yulia Rodina (Russia), Anastasiya Rebkalo (Russia), Mayya Popova (Russia), Andrey Adamovsky (Russia), Ruslan Rychagov (Russia), Marina Shamova (Russia), Yulia Bylenok (Russia), Elena Gradkovskaya (Russia), Ekaterina Novikova (Russia), Anna Gorchanuk (Russia), Meiko's Starlight Orchestra (USA), Bina Maracchini (Russia), Natalya Nikolaeva (Russia).


March 15, 2016 | 7:00pm: Presentation and discussion about the creation of site-specific and immersive performance through international collaborations and the partnership between Third Rail Projects’ Global Performance Studio and CEC Artslink's Global Art Lab.

March 25-26, 2016 | 8:00pm: Performances of "As Time Goes By" created by workshop participants (USA/Russia)

March 27, 2016 | 9:00pm: Final late night performance of "As Time Goes By" created by workshop participants (USA/Russia) in celebration of International Theater Day.


Global Performance Studio workshops, performances, and discussions are supported by Third Rail Projects in conjunction with CEC Artslink's pilot group of international artists and curators in residency in St. Petersburg, a new program which fosters collaboration with local artists. Learn more about CEC Artslink’s programs.