This Between Shadow

January 22–23, 2019
Wesleyan University


This Between Shadow

January 22–23, 2019
Wesleyan University

A 40-minute, intimate immersive theater experience for only 10 audience members that walks among the watchers, those who no longer fear the dark, those who see “you” and your shadow. 

Created by Wesleyan students in the Winter Session course Immersive Theater: Experiential Design, Material Culture, and Audience-Centered Performance, under the direction of Tom Pearson, Co-Artistic Director of Third Rail Projects



Photos courtesy of Wesleyan University's Center for the Arts images by Sandy Aldieri of Perceptions Photography .


Gabe Hurlock 
Michayla Robertson-Pine
Matthew Seidenfeld
Dylan Shumway
Fiona Sun
Miguel Peréz-Glassner 
Nathan Pugh
Elizabeth Woolford

Additional performances by: Sige Zheng (for Fiona Sun), Miguel Peréz-Glassner (for Dylan Shumway) and Fiona Sun (for Gabe Hurlock)
Original Music & Sound Design: Dylan Shumway
Sound Design Consultant: Sean Hagerty
Additional Sound Design by: Gabe Hurlock, Miguel Peréz-Glassner, Fiona Sun
Costume and Production Design by the Cast
Set and Prop Coordinator: Michayla Robertson-Pine
Stage Managers: Tom Pearson and Abike Sonubi


WESU 88.1 Center for the Arts Radio Hour (Segment starts at 38:00):

Wesleyan Argus Review

The Wesleyan Argus takes a deeper look behind This Between Shadow and Third Rail Projects NYC approach to immersive experiences through the eyes of its creators, the students of Tom Pearson's Winter Course at Wesleyan University.

Wesleyan Argus Feature and Interview with Tom Pearson

Visiting Artist Tom Pearson Discusses Upcoming Immersive Theater Course.

Project Support

Tom Pearson was a Creative Campus Fellow in Theater; his 2018–19 residency was part of Wesleyan’s Creative Campus Initiative, which was supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.