Connecting to Audience: Building Empathy and Trust
W/ Tara O’Con

Thursday, July 18, 2019 | 10:00am–2:00pm
at Kingsland Ward

Building on a series of workshops Tara has offered on communication skills in immersive performance, this workshop will explore how we can fully connect to the people we share experience with. Through performance interaction, conversation, communication of boundaries, sharing tasks, and sharing space, participants from all disciplines and backgrounds will experiment as keen observers of their own shifting experience in relationship to how they observe and shape the audience experience of those around them. This balancing act is an essential approach to allowing our most honest and empathic selves to be seen, and to inspire genuine connection with each and every person with whom we interact.


Three-Day Immersive PerformancE Intensive
W/ Marissa Nielsen-Pincus

Friday–Sunday, August 2–4 | 10:30am–5:30pm
at Town Stages

Led by Marissa Nielsen-Pincus, Third Rail Projects Associate Artistic Director, this three-day intensive offers a comprehensive exploration of Third Rail’s approach and methodology for working in non-traditional theater formats, where the audience and the performers are not separated by a fourth wall.

This Immersive Theater Intensive will cover topics including:

• Developing presence and clarity as a performer when performing for 1, 10 or 1000
• Responding and adapting to the changing landscape of an active audience
• Generative game play for creating immersive scenes
• Establishing a connection with audience members
• Spontaneous and intuitive decision-making in immersive performance
• Use of space and intuitive cueing of audience in immersive settings

This intensive blends concentrated work time with ample time for questions and discourse. The workshop will culminate in a collaborative exercise where participants craft immersive experiences for each other, providing an opportunity to employ all of the skills that are presented over the three days.


Performance Practice/Practice Performing
W/ Edward Rice

Saturday, September 28, 2019 | 11:00am–2:00pm
at Kingsland Ward

While site specific and immersive works can have a wide range of aesthetics, they all require a physical rigor. As performer, you are asked to maintain consistent performances while your internal state changes from day-to-day, or even hour-to-hour. This workshop will use a guided long-form improvised structure to simulate the experience of performing a two-hour show. Through this we will explore how to sustain the performance of these types of works. Previously attending a TRP workshop is not required, but this workshop is an excellent chance to apply some of those skills.

Workshop Leaders