Immersive Performance Skills: Spheres of Awareness / Spheres of Influence
W/ Rebekah Morin

Saturday, April 13th – 11:00am - 2:00pm
at The Kingsland Ward

In interactive performance we are often concerned with the the size and shape of our kinesphere, or area of awareness and influence. This workshop will differentiate between the space we are taking into our awareness and the space we are seeking to influence, and play with ways to change the shape of those zones. We will do a physical warm up that prepares our senses to operate in 360 degrees. We'll then play with strategies for moving through space and people that range from slipping through quietly to disrupting the whole space to create a path. We'll play with ways to duet inside a crowd and ways to accumulate or release partners or audience.


Immersive Performance Skills: Status and Relationship
W/ Marissa Nielsen-Pincus

Saturday, April 27th – 10:00am - 2:00pm
at The Kingsland Ward

Immersive performance requires a different setting than performing on a stage where performers need to project to be seen and heard. We are sometimes inches away from our audience and a strong understanding of how and when to dial up or down our energy to achieve a desired relationship with the audience can turn a scene into something deeply personal and effective. Lead by Marissa Nielsen-Pincus, Third Rail Projects Associate Artistic Director, participants will explore their own dials, as both performer and audience, and investigate how the smallest shifts in physicality affect the way the audience responds and pieces together a relationship and a story.

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