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A Third Rail Projects | Global Performance Studio Project



Libraría is a project that pops up around the world, one that maps the geographical location and colloquial unconscious of participants through their dreams. Each “branch” of the library consists of a blend of digital and analog experiences, stories given by our truest, most original selves in sleep, and assembled through art installation, film, poetry, performance, and an overall experience design that allows audiences to engage directly with the artwork. All films are shot exclusively on smart phones for view on portable devices, in digital displays, as well as within alternative art installation formats. Libraría had its pilot at the 2018 Art Prospect Festival with CEC Artslink in Saint Petersburg, Russia, with subsequent iterations in Liguria, Italy with the Bogliasco Foundation, and in New York City at Ace Hotel. Libraría is the premier project of the Global Performance Studio, Third Rail Projects’ program for international exchange. The project will continue to evolve through a residency program in late 2019 through early 2020 at Olin College of Engineering as part of the Sketch Model Program, for which Tom Pearson is the 2019-2020 Artist-in-Reference



Libraría 15th century. From libro (“book”) +‎ -aría, or either from Old French, attested earlier with the same meaning.

Middle English librarie, from Anglo-Norman librarie, from Old French librairie, from Latin librarium (“bookcase, chest for books”), from librarius (“concerning books”), from liber (“the inner bark of trees, paper, parchment, book”), probably derived from a Proto-Indo-European base *leub(h) (“to strip, to peel”). Displaced native Middle English bochus, bochous (“library, bookhouse”) (from Old English bōchūs (“library, bookhouse”)). Romance cognates often mean “bookshop” instead: French librairie, Italian libreria, and Portuguese livraria. This is a recent innovation (16th century in French), displacing earlier sense.


libraría f (plural librarías)

  1. bookstore

  2. bookshelf

  3. (dated) library quotations Synonym: biblioteca

From Latin līberāre, present active infinitive of līberō. Doublet of liberar, which was borrowed.


librar (first-person singular present libro, first-person singular preterite libré, past participle librado)

  1. to save, to rescue, to deliver, to preserve

  2. to free, to exempt

  3. to place, to put (hope, trust)

  4. to issue (a check, a decree)

  5. to make (an appointment)

  6. to wage, to engage (battle, war)

  7. to give birth

  8. to expel the placenta


A matrix of digital and analog expressions of creative force from the night cinema of dreams; their collective and colloquial unconscious connections points through the rhizomatous web of psychic back-portals; multi-media consciousness; and a shape-shifting physical manifestations of form, permanence, and loss.



Libraría is the premier project of the Global Performance Studio, Third Rail Projects’ international program for cultural listening and exchange.

Libraría has been given a generous development opportunity at Olin College of Engineering, where Tom Pearson has been named Creative-in-Reference for 2019–20 as part of their Sketch Model program (an avenue through which the arts and humanities can do more probing and ambitious work with engineering, at Olin and beyond). The Creative-in-Reference at Olin College is a position established as part of a multistep $900,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation designed to better integrate the arts and humanities within a STEM education. The term “creative-in-reference” was developed at Olin to signify a variation on the traditional residency model, one in which residents foster a more community-facing role emphasizing inherently social and collaborative projects.


Libraría has also received development support from: Wesleyan University Center for the Arts, where Tom Pearson was a Creative Campus Fellow in Theater in 2018–19, a residency which was part of Wesleyan’s Creative Campus Initiative and supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation; from the Bogliasco Foundation in Liguria, Italy with a Residency Fellowship in Theatre; and from the Third Rail Projects Producers Circle, which is supported by individual donors. 

Special Thanks: Jane Lombard, Susan Katz, Yana Pitenko, Dimitri Konovalov, Judy Gluckstern, Kyle Fisher, Stephanie and Ronald Kramer, and Peter Trevisani.


Libraría: Stanzas is presented by Ace Hotel in New York City. 

Libraría: The Night Garden is presented by CEC ArtsLink's Art Prospect Festival, with rehearsal studio space made possible by Show Consulting School and generously provided by the New Stage Alexandrinsky Theatre. Fellowships for Tom Pearson and Marissa Nielsen-Pincus in Saint Petersburg, Russia are made possible by CEC ArtsLink Back Apartment Residency Program.