Immersive Performance skills: Technique for Body and Mind
W/ REbekah Morin

Thursday, July 26 – 11:00am - 2:00pm
at The Kingsland Ward

This is a movement class designed to awaken the body and mind in preparation to work interactively. All varieties of interactive and improvisational theater and dance require an active presence that is both receptive and responsive, an awareness of nuances and of larger context. Using breath and movement techniques from dance, yoga, as well as lessons learned from working extensively with horses and performers, we'll use our physicality to open this awareness and connect more clearly to our present selves and to each other. We'll then play with some interactive scores incorporating leading, following, and group coordination.


The Body as Your Instrument: Proprioception
W/ Marissa Nielsen-Pincus

Wednesday, August 1 – 11:00am - 2:00pm
at The Kingsland Ward

As part of a series offered by Marissa Nielsen-Pincus, this workshop shares the methods she has developed over the years, as a performer and Body-Mind Centering® practitioner, to explore and understand the body as an articulate instrument. Proprioception is the way in which we sense ourselves and our movement, our inner eye, and the process by which we physically attune our attention.  Participants will be guided in an educational and therapeutic exploration of their own movement patterns and possibilities, demonstrating the ways in which somatic exploration of this type can become the root of a performance practice, a choreographic exploration, or an improvisational structure. 

Workshop Leaders